10 Amazing Social Media And Content Marketing Tips

Marketing is a necessity for businesses, and in the 21st century, it has become the only strategy that makes businesses grow. Attracting the right and more audience engagement is based on proper marketing strategy. Without a proper step of advertising, your business can hardly flourish while other newcomers in the same genre with great strategy can take the seat.

There are multitudes of marketing techniques, but the content and social media marketing tend to be the simplest yet fastest way to attract people. If you are an amateur in this field and does not have enough knowledge, then read the following strategies. This content and social media strategy have witnessed great results.

So let us take a quick look:

Focus on Image Sharing on Twitter:

After the announcement of the inline images by Twitter, a lot of businesses have been experiencing it by adding images to their Tweets. Making use of your business’s Twitter account, tweet great images with a proper tagline. Within a few days, you can observe a big difference in engagement.

A company has revealed the data that they found after using this technique is:

Unlike the previous tweets they made without images, these tweets with images have received 18% more hits. Favorites increased by 89% and almost 150% of retweets.

Share Contents For Multiple Times:

Contents are the heart of marketing, and therefore it is always recommended to share the blog posts for than once on the social network. The difference you can observe is you will get more traffic and will be able to reach customers living in different time zones.

It has been reported that the online users of the United States spend more time in activities taking place in the social media channels, therefore acknowledging the importance of these social media channels ensure better exposure to the businesses.

The three major benefits of sharing posts for multiple times are: Acquiring more traffic, able to hit more than one time zone at a time and reach new followers.

With the availability of Twitter Counter, now you can track the growth of your followers thereby helping you to know the best time to repost your old contents.

Headline Experiment on Social Networks:

When you usually post the same blog post on the Titter account for many times, there is a great opportunity to check which headline is working the best for you.

Here is how you can run the test:

Write two headlines for one article which you think will have greater performance.

Make sure you tweet both the headlines at the same time or maybe within a difference of 1 hour. This will help to comprehend the best time for posting the articles. Mostly afternoon and morning work best.

Once you have made the post, you can start comparing both the data to find out which headlines are performing better.

Depending on the result you got, you can change the not so performing headline to the one that made well in the social media.

Content reframing for Audience:

When you are posting the same contents, the better choice lies in slightly reframing it so that you can be sure that you are not repeating.

Suppose, you have a blog, firstly you need to post the original link on Facebook.

Secondly, you need to make an image or infographic to explain only some part of the post.

In this way, you can observe double the amount of engagement. Just by highlighting some of the elements of your contents each time, you can reach the customers much easily.

Share more images and videos:

After the announcement of the latest feature of allowing Instagram videos on Facebook, social media did experience a huge hit from the very first day. It was said to be almost 5 million uploads were being made after the announcement.

This concludes the power of videos and implementing it for your content marketing purpose tends to be the ideal way of promotion. So focus more on video sharing using social networks like Tumblr and Slideshare.

Respond to the queries or comment on social networks:

When you are regular on the social platforms, you will definitely get a huge number of customers. Therefore, there are chances of getting complaints and queries from your customers. Well, this is undoubtedly a good sign as it clearly reveals the interest of customers.

To retain your customers and help them understand that you care for them, you require answering to their queries and give proper justification of the complaints. It ensures getting a lot more engagement.

Make a habit of daily blogging:

After the announcement of the importance of blogging by Google, content marketing has seen a real hype. Letting the customers know about the company and products by means of blogs is a technique followed by most of the marketers.

But do you make daily blog posts? If you don’t and you expect to attract a good number of audience, then it is not a great idea. Make sure you make blog posts daily and using the share button, promote it using different social media channels.

In a survey made on Hubspot, 82% of the marketers who made daily blogs witnessed one customer daily from their blog while it is only 57% who were blogging monthly.

Use Hashtags for users to find the contents easily

You might be thinking, why “Hashtags”? Well, here are your answers:

Unification: It is one of the greatest tools throughout the prime networks and allows you to filter individually making use of tools like Tagboard.

Promotions: It makes tracking promotional activities easier in the social platforms.

Easier Conversation: When you provide the website URL, it does not make conversation easier, but using hashtags in social platforms do.

Start Relying more on Infographics:

No more simple blog writing is appreciated by the readers. They need something visual with information which is simple to understand. Infographics are the only answer when it comes to making visual contents.

These can be shared across different platform as well as easy to understand

They can be used for showing data which can be a great thing for viral marketing

It is both visual and informative.

Delve more into social listening:

Last but never the least, marketers should make time to listen to what the social media is saying. They should try to find out the issues, what the customers are talking about and find more keywords based on customer research.

There are analytical tools intended for analyzing data helps to make a better as well as the effective campaign. It gives insight into the strategies that can be done in future for better engagement.

Combining content marketing with social media always results in great performance. All you need is to make the right strategy depending on the market research and customer’s move, and you can reach the targeted audience in no time.