10 Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram Fast

Usage of the internet is a boon that opened up a new world in front of the civilization. Social media have been creating records like never before. Do you ever wonder about the ratio of 23% increase in Instagram user excites you?

If, you are nodding your head to a yes, there are few superb ways to increase your Instagram followers as well. It is not always about saying “cheese” before the camera that can bring you likes and increase the followers.  You might head a business or be an honest individual trying to follow casual footprints into the extensive world of social media. Well, what is the use of just opening an account without followers in it? Sounds too boring right?

Let’s delve into a few details that will help to understand a subtle process to increase followers; check out:

Pictures that audience relate to

Well, if you keep following the top Instagram profiles, notice the pictures that they share. Uploading common pictures which are personal, unique and relatable will bring you more audiences.  A few detailed images that carry a subtle message or say a few scenes that most individuals go through will obviously increase the followers of your account. For example: share behind the scenes of your office party or say make Instagram your travel partner to upload videos.

Choose the correct time

Consider the time zone you live in or say the time that is favorable to share a picture.  A post gets almost 4 hours to attract the attention of followers before it completely loses into the crowd of other posts. More people find time to check Instagram at their leisure while returning from work or a tour. This plays a vital role in crafting the numerical values of your followers on a daily basis. Thus, finest posts are best shared when its time! Happy posting henceforth.

Filter and app usage

Did you find the actual reason for Instagram and its popularity? Filters. This is one such feature which helps to personalize the photos and thus invites likes and shares from the other users. Now check the follower’s list. Voila! It increases each hour. There are twenty existing filters, and this absolutely finds no excuses from your side to leave it alone! Use one that’s your favorite and watch the popularity of your account grow. At the pace, you are free to use photo editing apps and thus make things more easier!

No Too much post

This might sound a bit weird, but well, actually this is true. Too much of post from a single person seems tiring. So, most frequent but too much nor too less. Too much of your post is disliked and too less of it – you are forgotten. Post things from your life, use the filter as stated earlier and help people relate to it easily. Your post flooding the follower’s feed will act reversely instead.

Ask questions in caption

If you are likely to increase the followers count just ask a common question that can help others relate and answer. In turn, increasing the follower’s list you have. Engagements like this increase your likes and comments. Thus, this proves to be a simple and most effective way to call followers your way! Boring captions are disliked. Henceforth, the use of question calls others to participate in it.

Popular hashtags to socialize

Understanding the efforts of the hashtag in making a post popular is always counted as a priority. There is the popular thesis that a hashtag can denominate in one go. Therefore, to make your Instagram profile one of the best use hashtags that are popular and trending at the same time.Google and Webstagram are few recognized sites to research and find the trendy ones. To name a few #love #me #instagood#tagsforlikes #photooftheday#followme #tbt and more. Use one or relevant hashtags at a time. Too much of it might kill the popularity.

Hosting contests

If you are a dedicated socializer, you know the relevance and importance of contest in your post. Host a contest that might have a takeaway hamper or say a lucrative deal. Who can compete you in such scenarios? Host a contest and watch till the follower’s list grow full! The popularity of Instagram makes it a notable platform to run contest. Get yourself an awesome picture and announce there’s a contest under construction. Do not forget to put #contest to male it easier to find.

Follow others:

Instead of expecting your followers to increase,  be a follower to some popular Instagram profiles. The chances are high that they follow you back. Search for brands and individual who shares a post of your interest reciprocate by sharing theirs. This proves you are active and helps you in seeking more followers. Look for popular tags like #love #me #instagood #tagsforlikes #photooftheday #followme #tbt and more. The simple formula says – the more engagement you show, the more exposure could be expected.

Complete bio for your profile

This is one of the most important factors that an Instagram user must keep in mind. The quest for new users and followers make it prominent that a person uses branded hashtags or say a call to actions.  The reason that complete bio plays a vital role is easy to understand – this is the section that introduces you to complete strangers and invoke in them the interest to know who you are or what your brand is all about. Keep updating this section time, and again such that contest that you run as stated earlier is also mentioned here.

Clear idea of your purpose

Keep asking yourself a few question – why are you on Instagram? What purpose does the Instagram server? Step back each time you are ready to post a picture or write something. The question you can ask yourself also– do you need to boost trade? Do you want exposure?

Therefore, the main thing you must keep in mind is why are you using Instagram and is your purpose being solved? If the answers are positive, keep following and help others find you. Thus the ratio of followers remains high compared to following.